The ghost of Provincial Government

The Mesones Street in Granada is one of the classics in the phantasmagorical stories of the city. The old building of the Provincial Government was a Muslim mosque, later the church of Magdalena, then a big multinational and, in 1985, and the official building of the administration. Precisely, in the last one step was when it was discovered the several rest of bones; it seems to be of children, under the foundation of the building. Since the end of the 80’s and the beginning of the 90’s, the building gained prestige between the paranormal investigators and it was made a lot of reports inside the building. From poltergeist phenomenons to “white voices”. It exists, even, photofit image which we can see the wandering soul of the Provincial Government. The myth of the ghost of the old Provincial Government is still a mystery after twenty years. The building in Mesones Street was subjected to strong parapsychology studies during months which provoke any kind of speculations. Strange voices in the night, objects which change of place and even paranormal investigations that put face to the supposed spirit that wandered along the place, made a legend which is still reason of respect. The building was remodelled. During the rebuilding, people alternated the unfounded rumours with supposed evidence of appearances. It was not the first time that the building was reconstructed. The old building was over the church of Magdalena and the convent of Agustinas, where there was a little cemetery. There are rumours of murders in ancient ages and the confirmation that the portrait which the following investigators associate with the ghost coincided with the image of the priest Benito, the last priest of the church. After twenty years, the speculations are still in force, although the stele of the enchanted house even takes advantage with tourist purposes.

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