San Juan de Dios Hospital

A painful statue of the Virgin situated in the Basilica of San Juan de Dios appeared, on Thursday 13rd of May, with four trails of tears of blood in its face. The priest Fernando Villanueva was who noticed that there were four tears of blood in the face of the Virgin. This incident caused a notable shock between the faithful people of Granada, who did very long queues during the whole day to contemplate the venerated statue.
The priest Fernando Villanueva called the supervisor of the Order, who informed the provincial priest of the Hermanos de San Juan de Dios and the archbishop of the fact.
It is known that, that day, more than fifty thousand of people visited the chapel of the Virgin. The National and Local Police put on services of order in the area, full of people, especially during the evening. Around 21.30 hours at night, when they closed the doors of the church, the crowd started to shout against the closure of it.

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