The wandering spirit of the Royal Hospital

According to some witnesses in that place it is common the presence of a ghostly figure who wanders along the rooms.
The legend tells that a spirit wanders along the Royal Hospital, the building where he was hospitalized to recover of a mental illness. There are many people who claim that they have seen a ghostly figure walking along the corridors of the ancient sanatorium and, even, they have listened screams and voices that complain about the lights of the rooms.
Many others think that it is the ghost of San Juan de Dios, a priest. He often appears near the old chapel where he used to make his prayers.
Some others tell that sometimes they have listened to a strange music similar to the music of an organ, and that at the first time in the morning the doors open by themselves without anyone touches them. According to many witnesses it is possible to listen to voices of children and shouts of pain as the shouts of women who have just given birth. There are some testimonies as well of the academic responsible who tell that the lights of the offices switch on and switch off alone by themselves.

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