Felipe, the teacher of the Conservatory

The Conservatory of Music Victoria Eugenia had a ghost as well. It seems to be a teacher of music who was forced to leave his classes. He could not forget, even after his death, his compositions and students. Because of that it is believed that he walks along the classrooms of the conservatory. People who know about his existence call him Felipe. It is said that the reason of the firing was that despite his knowledge and experience, he had not any qualification.
One of the teachers, Enrique Rueda, points out that he and many other people of the institution have been witness of noises and other inexplicable phenomenons inside the building. According to his testimony, in winter of 1988, he could check how a light of the toilets switched on, while the toilet tank turned on, and the light switched off. He tells also that he and other teachers of the conservatory think they have listened voices which pronounce their names.
Another strange phenomenon which is difficult to explain, took place during the night when he decided to stay studying at the centre. This night he was with his little dog. The dog was calmly sleeping next to the piano when suddenly the animal took a jump and went to the door of the room starting to bark in the corridor to one dark point of it. Enrique stood up and switched on the light of the corridor. There is anybody there but the dog kept barking to a concrete point of the corridor absolutely frightened, it was like the dog was facing the attack of a great danger or something like that. At this moment Enrique left the building very scared.
Antonia, the caretaker of the centre, told to Enrique two experiences that she suffered in the conservatory. The first one took place in summer of 1997 when, while she was alone in the caretaker’s office, she listened to a box falling down that weights a lot. Surprised by the loud noise she turned around but she didn’t see anything related to this noise. The second incident happened a year later. One morning Enrique met Antonia very frightened, just in the moment when she came from the basement where she has been to switch on the heating. Antonia had noticed steps around her as if someone harasses her; she felt the breath of someone in her nape.
In another occasion, two teachers were witness of other unbelievable fact. Apparently they remained in the classroom of Music when inexplicably they saw a coin floating and falling down from the ceiling. According to them, they were the only people who were in the conservatory at this moment because it was closed. Besides, it is unlikely that the coin came from the outside because the doors and windows were closed as well.
Other old teacher claims that during the school year of 1986-87, when he was studying in the auditorium, he noticed a feeling similar to the feeling that he could experience when he was surrounded by a lot of people, however the place was empty at this moment.
All the witnesses agree about the building of the Conservatory has something special. Many of them claim that they had listened to the music of the piano in a room where there was anyone.

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