The ghost of Lorca’s house

The Huerta of San Vicente, which was the holidays’ house of Federico García Lorca between 1926 and 1936, does not exempt of mysterious legends that accompany some of the more symbolic places of the city.
The legend told about the presence of a ghost who move furniture of the house, play the piano and reproduce strange sounds. Although from the Museum House of the poet people diminish credibility to those stories, books of recent publication as ‘Granada Misteriosa’ of Jose Manuel Frías, affirm with many testimonies some of the paranormal phenomenon which seem to be produced in the inside of the house.
The researcher of Granada Juan Jesús Vallejo, who overnighted in the Huerta of San Vicente, saw in situ some of those phenomenons. According to his tale in the book, one night he sounded strange noises which came from the kitchen. He went to the kitchen and then he found opened all the doors of the cupboard, but the bolt was closed. Vallejo also tells that his compass ‘lost direction’ and explains that he saw brilliant sphere going over the rooms of the house. The teacher Rafael Reyes also is certain of those phenomenon through “white voices” recorded near the Museum House.
Maybe what happens is that his spirit wanders, and he does not want to leave his dwelling.

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