The ghost of Pub Granero

Monasteries, castles or churches seem places propitious to phantasmagorical appearances. What is not so common is finding spectres in a bar. The pub Granero, situated in the centre of the city, does not hide its more special guest.
Glasses that break, whispers and shadows. Rafael Reyes, investigator of paranormal phenomenon in Granada, has checked in situ these appearances which appear in the basement of the bar and he has got to make some photographs of the ghost of the Granero. “In the image of the photography you can see a man with hood, possibly a farce. Even so there is a strange appearance in the basement. The energy charge of the place is bigger than usual”, he explains. To confirm even more if it is possible the existence of paranormal phenomenon in the bar, Reyes achieved to record three “white voices” in which you can perceive three proper names: Elena, Isabel and Lorenzo or Prudencio, the last one the name with that the ghost of the Granero has been baptised.
Coincidence or not, the truth is that one of the exwaitress of the bar, called Isabel, was witness of that phantasmagorical appearance. When she walked upstairs which connects the basement with the main floor of the establishment, she noticed how someone whispered her name. But there is anyone there. Ancient waiters of the pub talked as well of “lights that switch on and switch off”, “shadows between the arches” and even “compact discs which fly”. The explanation that could exist with respect to the paranormal phenomenon that happen in the pub Granero goes back to the origins of the local. The current bar was used as a barn of the Palace of Abrantes, one of the knights who took part in the conquest of Granada with Catholic Monarchs. The closeness of the palace with different convents make investigators as Rafael think that the barn could be connected with these convents through underground passages, where could take place religious crimes.




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