The ghost of Cartuja

The building of the Faculty of Documentation, Deontology and Audiovisual Communication of the Granada University, in Cartuja, has a lot of myths and legends nurtured by its past as hospital of the Jesuit order. The stories of ghosts, lights that switch on by themselves, objects that change of place and shadows that walk along the gardens of the impressive building when the night starts, go from mouth to mouth, from students to teachers, from cleaning lady to porter.


Two voices stand out above the rest in the building. Antonio Álvarez, coordinator of the caretaker’s office, and Ana Aguado, cleaning lady. Both of them have been connected to the building and, listening to them turn out terrifying. Antonio claims that “never again” will go into the building alone. “Until three times, in three holidays, I have felt so strange things”.

The fact that worries him much more than any other is that one related to the lift which gives access to the Museum of Deontology, in the third floor, it is open many times, and according to Antonio “it is impossible because that lift does use never, for nothing, and it is even behind a curtain”. But the tale of Ana is more astonishing, who remembers the dialogue that she had, in 1992, with two spirits that walked along the faculty.

“I listened to them talking about the building, about how they worked there when it was a hospital and, suddenly, I spun around and they were not there yet. All the doors, all of them, were closed. Nothing was opened.

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