Lookouts in Granada 2

I carry on showing you one of the things that I really love of Granada, its lookouts.

This post is titled for one of my favourites, the lookout of San Miguel Alto, which is located above the Albaicín and Sacromonte; you can access to it easily by walk from these two neighbourhoods and you can arrive by car from Haza Grande as well. It has the peculiarity of being surrounded by caves inhabited and it is almost part of the wall of the Alhambra. What I like most of this lookout is that it has an area less tourist a few metres below to which we can access making a beautiful walk. We will see a work of art which is an intervention carried out by the architect Antonio Jiménez Torrecillas in the wall of the Alhambra. If we go down a bit more we will find a lookout much more peaceful next to the house of a known flamenco artist.

To finish with this post I leave you with a secret lookout; you have to be located in Plaza Nueva to arrive to it and go up to the Puerta de las Granadas and cross it, once you have crossed it you have to follow the first road which you see on the right and be attentive because on the right again you will find path which you have to follow, you go up a little bit through the hill and you will see the wonderful and exceptional views of the Torre de la Vela of the Alhambra which almost anybody knows. Enjoy these places but keep the secret to, to some extent, they stay being unique. A hug!





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