Dragon party

It is celebrated in the thermal springs of Santa Fe; it is a village which is quite close of the capital of the city of Granada. It is possible to access to the wilderness of the thermal springs by car, by bus or by walk. There are a lot of people who share a car to go as well, and it is done a facebook group in which the news about the event is published.
Originally, it was born as a party of the hippy communities of Orgiva. But it was moved to the thermal springs a few years ago and it has remained there. As a consequence of that change of location its audience has changed as well although a part of it keep its essence.
It is an event in which you put the control. You can find the presence of Civil Guard to guard the event but you have not to buy any tickets to assist, it is a free party, so I advise you to be careful with that because there are a little bit of everything in regards to persons, animals, food, drink, etc.
Apart from the big party there is something bigger behind it, it is an annual meeting, there are people who live in lorries and they come here from the other side of Europe just to stay in the festival.
You can find videos and photos of the event on internet. There are a lot of people who go by car, some others go by van or they carry their tent to stay sleeping there and spend several days.
You will find many marquees with music known as raves, these has different kinds of music although all of them focused on electronics music, from hardcore to drum and bass or techno.
The party starts or continues (depends on the moment in which you arrive or leave) during the day as well.
If you have any doubt or you want more information about the festival you can text me with the whole confidence of the world.








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