The white lady

Above the Archaeological Museum of Granada, known as the House of Castril, falls on an old legend. In the right side of the front of the building there is a blind balcony with this slogan: “Waiting for the one of the sky” (“Esperando la del cielo”). Around this sentence deal with the historical myth: people tell that a lady in white clothes wanders by the rooms of the Museum illuminating them with the light of a candle.

The legend tells that Hernando de Zafra was a very bad-tempered man who had a falling out quickly with all the people of Granada because of his derogatory behaviour and disdain to others. Widower, Hernando de Zafra lived with his daughter Elvira, a young girl of 17 years old who had fallen in love with a boy of a family enemy of Zafra family, despite of the prohibitions of her father and the impossibility of leave that room.

Only Luisillo, a little page who was at the service of the family in the palace and delivered the letters to the lovers, knew about the matter. The legend tells that being Elvira in her room with her lover one night, Hernando de Zafra arrived to the palace while the little page run upstairs to warn them. The lover, Alfonso de Quintanilla, reached to run away through the balcony when Hernando de Zafra bursted in the room and saw his daughter almost naked and cohabited with the little page. Elvira fainted when she was discovered by her father.

Hernando de Zafra went mad and, wrongly, believed that the boy who had disgraced his house was Luisillo. The irascible father called one of his servants and ordered him that executes the page just there hanging him in that balcony of the house. Luisillo begged for his life and told that everything was a mistake, and asked for justice, divine justice. But the little page died just there.

When the boy was executed the owner of the house ordered to brick up the balcony of his daughter and like this she could not see the light of the day anymore, and with tremendous irony he made to sculpt the inscription “Waiting for the one of the sky” (“Esperandola del cielo”) above the balcony as advice to all of them who try to court with Elvira. It is said that the girl, desperate because of her confinement, could not endure her captivity anymore and she decided commit suicide with a powerful poison which ended with her life.

The tragedy of the death of Elvira was not the only one who took place on the Zafra family, when Mr. Hernando died exploded a storm, so big that the river took the coffin and never could find the corpse. It is said that the matter was not accidental, but caused by an evil spell.

Adjacent to the building is the House of the Tower, whose name is due to its owner, the painter Rafael de Latorre Viedma. Some years ago the Pedagogical Cabinet of Fine Arts were there, and some workers claim that sometimes the fire alarms sounded in rooms where there was not any track of fire or steam. It exists the case of the ancient guard as well, who claimed that he saw Mr. Rafael with his black cape and serious aspect. It is said even it could be possible to perceive the presence of someone who hounded you through the whole building.


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