Sanatorium of Alfaguara

To start with this post I’m going to tell you the story of the mysteries related to the abandoned sanatorium of tuberculosis in Alfaguara, in Alfacar. Berta Wihelmi founded in 1923 the hospital institute after the death due to tuberculosis of her daughter.
The woman cannot put up with the absence of her daughter and she committed suicide in one of the bedrooms of the sanatorium, probably hanged, although some biographies indicate that the death was caused by a brain haemorrhage. The sanatorium was abandoned. The testimonies about strange incidents, like the turn of 180º of some parked vehicles in this place, the voices, the sudden darkness of the sky, are still occur.
The first perceptions were the voices. The voice of a man, a black figure, probably of a priest; a lot of “white voices” have been listened in the sanatorium, probably voices of a nurse who worked in that place, sometimes saying things like “go away”, “don’t bother me”, “don’t come inside”. Once the investigator Rafael Reyes asked to the spectrum if she was afraid and the answer was “you know that I’m not afraid”.
Then there are the apparitions. The neighbours always have known that the apparitions of the sanatorium belong to people who lived there. They know that Berta Wihelmi had an image of a very devoted woman to her hospital and to the care of the patients. They also know than a lot of people died there due to the illness, some children too. In the images taken by the investigator can be seen children’s faces between the weeds, as well as the image of a dog.
The investigator, Rafael Reyes, claims that there are two confronted identities, the woman, who does not want the presence of people, and the man, possibly the priest, whom does not bother that people go to the place.
We are talking about almost a century ago, but the sanatorium is still present in the memory of many people. Nowadays is a quite place where people walk along the different paths of the area.

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