Women’s day

When the day of women is commemorated, somebody do it thinking in a happy celebration. However, the real origin is away from a reason to smile. We are not celebrating the fact of being woman; we cannot congratulate woman for being beautiful, loving, affectionate, obedient, brave, good wife or good daughter.
What happened a hundred years ago is really horrible. Today we can remember it thinking that these injustices stayed in the past, but the truth is that nowadays women are still fighting for their rights.
What is actually remembered every 8th of March is the death of 129 worker women.
In 1908, 40.000 dressmakers of big factories declared on strike demanding the right to joint to the labour unions to get better salaries, a workday less long, vocational training and the rejection to child labour. During this strike, 129 worker women died burnt in a fire in the cotton textile factory in Washington Square of New York. The owners of the factory was closed it with the workers inside to force them to keep working and not join to the strike. Then, they burnt it down. So, the 8th of March is a day to commemorate not to celebrate.
This is a date to evaluate the condition and the position of women in every country, in every state, in every city, to demand the nation state that accomplishes with the international agreements of women rights, to ask for give account to the progresses as well as the relapses and challenges.
Don’t join to the frivolity of the 8th of March sending greeting cards to women; this makes the inequalities that a lot of women live invisible, inequalities that the government does not want to talk about.
Today is a good moment to thing about the advances achieved, to ask for more changes and celebrate the courage and determination of average women, who have played a key role in the history of their countries and communities.
There is still a long way to go, go it together; we are all involved on that. COME ON!!







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