Corpus Christi

The funfair of Granada, known as Corpus, is celebrated annually.
The date of the event depends on the date of the Holy Week; this year the Corpus will be since 21st until 29th of May.

You can live part of the funfair in the city centre and the other in the fairgrounds, which is located in Almajayar, where is the public and private stalls, activated since the morning.
You can take breakfast, lunch, drink and dance there until almost the next morning if you want. The fairgrounds is divided in some parts: on the right side of the fairgrounds you can find the stalls dedicated to disco music, if you take a look at the beginning of the day through this area you can find many people who work in those places offering you tickets to free drinks. In the left side of the fairgrounds you can find just the opposite, stalls with fusion, rock and more alternative kinds of music. In the middle of the fairgrounds there are the stalls more typical of the funfair, here you can drink, have lunch or dinner, and dance the typical music like “sevillanas”; some of these stalls are public but some others are private. Apart from all of these stalls you can find many stands of fast food such as hamburgers or kebabs. There is an area with fairground rides as well and stalls specially dedicated to food and sweet wine.

You cannot leave Granada without seeing the Tarasca!!



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