Spring party

I want that you know Granada and everything that happens in the city, even if you like it or not.

The spring party is one of those events which do not please everybody but it is true that there are many people who enjoy it.

The spring party is celebrated every year in Granada in a weekend of March, and the organizers try that this weekend coincides with the beginning of the spring. When the day is decided, there are people who know that they are going to start drinking in the morning, this celebration consists basically on that, people gather in the area of the “botellodromo” (an area prepared to these events, an open-air drinking session area), which ends spreading itself and colonizing the adjoining streets.


In my point of view, it has a funny part because there are a lot of people dressed up and it is a different day. But it is true that there are many people who do not enjoy that day at all; almost anyone recycles, the management of the toilets is not well done, many people have not respect to others and at the end of the evening there are not many interesting things.
If you decide to go to the spring party my recommendation is that you go at midday approximately (there is eaten and with solar protection) to spend a couple of hours, it is sure you have an interesting story.

Try to go with all the necessary things and not stay in the middle of all the people because you can take more than two hours to leave the place.
I hope you enjoy Granada, whether if you go to the spring party or not, but if you go tell me about your experience.



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