Now that you have heard about the architecture of the Science Park, you may want know more about the museum itself!

Apart from its cultural heritage, its weather or its cuisine, Granada is also known for being in the forefront of science, thanks in large part to the research work of the University of Granada. On this point, the Science Park is another of the main attractions of the city; visiting this museum is not only a must for tourists, but also for all the people interested in learning and having fun at the same time.


It is not for nothing that the Science Park is the most visited museum of Andalusia: there are few others of this kind in Spain, and the one in Granada is certainly on top of them. After its opening in 1995, it has progressively enlarged until reaching the size of almost 10 football pitches.

What defines the Science Park is that everything is within arm’s reach. There is no better way to learn the basics of science than interacting with all the items of the exhibitions. Most of these exhibitions are permanent, such as those about the human body, astronomy or physics. Some others are temporary and last around a year (since March 2015 there is an exhibition about the Titanic, in which visitors can witness the building of a huge mockup of the boat).


Nobody should leave the museum without making it up to the 50-metre tall tower, from where your will have an outstanding view of the city and the outskirts.


The Park is open all year round and the general entry ticket is 7€ (6€ for students). Hope you enjoy the visit!




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