Tropical partridge bird (perdiz tropical)

Screenshot_2016-02-16-22-38-10-1It is much more than a party; it is a social event very different from other events. That day three main elements of fun are mixed during the whole day: picnic, music and dancing. You can carry your food and drink to enjoy of an incomparable atmosphere and good music with views to Alhambra. So, take some sandwiches and beers, and don’t forget your energy to dance all the day. If you finished all the food and drink that you have carried don’t worry because there are people who sell to you some beers more to cover the maintenance of the event.
The music sounds while the sun is shining, because when the sun started to hide the music stops because it works with solar power. All the people dance next to San Miguel Alto, which is where this meeting takes place. You can dance to the rhythm of cumbia, reggae, afro beat, tropical and Balkan rhythms and a lot of music of other points of the world.
Anyone knows the date of the event exactly, but what is sure is that it is done annually when the good weather starts. If you want to be informed of the date you can ask to me and I will notify you when the event is close. The point is that the event is not so publicized because the organizers don’t want that it becomes a macro party. Sometimes the event has been announced on facebook but it has been removed from this social network a few hours later.
Enjoy this multicultural day dancing in the countryside and meeting people. At the end of the day tidy up your garbage and make sure that the environment is as cleaner as possible.
Remember, it is not an opening-drinking session, it is a picnic.



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