foto_02Taking advantage of San Valentine’s Day I want to tell you some love stories which took place in Granada.
Stones in Sacromonte Abbey
There is a legend based on two stone placed in the Sacromonte Abbey, it is said that these stones have a power capable to mark the loving life of people forever. Apparently, if you make contact with the black stone it is more likely that you find the love of your life this same year. However, if you make contact with the white stone you can lose your soul mate forever.
Fountain of eternal love
It is a love story between the beautiful Elvira Padilla and the young merchant of Naples Gaspar de Facco.
The story tells that Elvira, who has a beautiful fountain of white marble in her house, spent the whole evenings next to it wishing to find the true love. One day walking along the market of Bib-Ramble her delicate look exchanged with the young Neapolitan who has came to Granada to make some business. He was impressed by the beauty of the girl and requested to meet with her father, Mr. Luis Padilla y Miota, who got angry when he knew the real intentions of the young man.
Before this catastrophic meeting, the young get to give some love letters to Elvira thanks to the housekeeper. In those letters he suggested her to meet in her fountain of love. They escaped to Motril because they suspected what could happen if her father notice about their meeting. But they were captured and some men killed the young man and carried Elvira to her house in Granada. Her father commanded to spend the rest of her days in the convent of Comendadoras de Santiago, but before that she asked him to stay a few hours next to her fountain.
When Elvira’s parents died the fountain and the house were abandoned to the pass of the time. With the passing of time, the young couples which know the story go to the fountain to promise themselves eternal love and put some flowers in the fountain which remember this love story. This fountain is placed in the Palacio de los Cordova, at the beginning of the Cuesta del Chapiz.
Miraculous fountain of Realejo
In the slope of Realejo there is a beautiful renaissance pillar. The legend tells that young girls of the whole city went to this place to drink, wash up and cool off with the water which flowed of it, because it was believed that this water was magic and it has the power of maintain them beautiful and healthy and also that it could help them to find a boyfriend. If you cross by this pillar cool off, because you never know what could happen, maybe your soul mate is waiting for you or your skin could become soft as the skin of a baby.






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