A 24 hours plan in Granada

“Dale limosna mujer,

que no hay en la vida nada, como la pena de ser ciego en Granada. “

Francisco A. de Icaza

What would you do one day in Granada?

I have beautiful ideas!

I am sure you will enjoy visiting this city because it has a huge variety of activities and people who live here is really nice.

Firstly, let me point out that you ought to take a typical Spanish breakfast in some restaurant where you can enjoy wonderful views of the river.




Then, I recommend you visit in the early morning one of the main monument in this city such as La Alhambra where you can see a real piece of Muslim architecture. You might also should visit El Carmen de los Martires which is a beautiful garden with colorful flowers where you can take a lot of pictures. Sometime there are peacocks as shown in the picture. You could do to both things in the morning


Secondly you will need a big lunch in Plaza Nueva, where food is delicious. This place is surrounded by tee shops really decorated; if you have time it would be great that you take a tee there

Is there a restaurant where you can find food cheaper? Of course, near this place, there are a lot of small restaurants and terraces with big tapas. That is a good option if you want to meet local people.


In the afternoon Granada offers different activities to do. If you still have the energy, I recommend you go to the Science´s park where you could discover a lot about different subjects in interactive activities; furthermore, seeing the sunset from the tower is amazing.


At night you just should go to some pub in the mean street and choose one to take a cold beard with something to eat. There is no a better place to end this day.

Finally, don’t worry about the distances, you don’t need to rent a car because it definitely worthy using the public transportation system.

Are you ready to come here?  =)






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