San Antón in The Alpujarra

The Alpujarra is a region which is situated between Almería and Granada, taken up a part of these two provinces. It is an area principally mountainous with very kind people and very beautiful and peculiar villages.

I have been in Soportujar the past weekend, where people were celebrating the San Anton party, in which people of the whole village and from other places gather in the square of the village to dance around a big bonfire, while they ate roast meat just there and drunk the tipical wine of the area (and soft-drinks). I recommend you insistently visiting the whole Alpujarra and specifically this area and its surroundings, because it is so beautiful, it has a lot of charm and magic.

Through The Alpujarra you can access by walk to areas like the Veleta or arrive to the beach by walk as well. The squares of the villages are very sociable and people who live here usually know a lot of things about the land and the mountain life, you can learn a lot from them. I could be hours talking about the several posibilities which the plot offers, but mainly I recommed you walking along the Dique-24, visiting the pools and rivers who people of the place suggest and taste the products of the land, like vegetables, cheese and more. Soportújar has an interesting history about witches which I will told you soon. By the moment here you have its web page to take information about the village.

Without further ado, I hope you had a good weekend and start the week with strength.
P.S.: ¡Be careful with the wine of The Alpujarra!chisco2



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