Lookouts in Granada 1


Personally, I love Granada and I love to see it from different perspectives. A good option to know this beautiful city is looking at it and their landscapes from above. One of the most well-known lookout is the Mirador of San Nicolas, from which we can see the most of the city, The Alhambra, Sierra Nevada and a lot of things apart from those ones. Just in this lookout it is easy to find many people singing and playing flamenco, and also merchants of craftwork. If we are at the centre of Granada just before arriving to the Mirador of San Nicolas, we can find a way to the Mirador of Carvajales from which we have an interesting point of view of the Alhambra and where you can stay surrounded by native people of the Albaycin neihgborhood. The last lookout which I recommend to you today is the lookout situated in the Barranco del Abogado from which we have a panoramic view very different from that experienced in the other lookouts. From this point we can see Sierra Nevada, some neighborhoods adjacent to the city, a part of the Vega of Granada and some of their villages.

I hope you enjoy the views and sensations, if you have any doubt you can get in touch with me.

If you don’t understand English but you are interested in my posts you can ask me for a Spanish text.

Shortly,I will told to you about other lookouts and about other things to see in Granada like its neighborhoods, its villages, tapas, and advices to people who just arrive at the city, places where you can do language exchanges, freetours and a much more. Thank you for spend your time reading my post, I hope you have a good weekend.



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