Hi everybody!! My name is Isabel, I´m 25 and I´m from Granada. I´m studying pharmacy and I love hinking, so here my contribution to the blog will be related to different hiking routes that we can find in Granada and surroundings. In most pictures you will find my loyal hiking partner woody, my puppy, who loves the countryside, playing in the grass and water. Water drives him crazy, it´s hilarious seeing him jumping into the river or wallowing in the wet grass. Hope you find this post helpful and interesting to encourage you enjoy nature.

Los Cahorros

Along path you will encounter wood bridges, Monachil river, waterfalls and the most characteristic of this hike, which makes you feel an explorer, very narrow paths. You may sometimes have to crouch under the rocks to continue the walk. Nonetheless, it is non-difficult route and you can make it  the length you want.



This route is pretty more hard and dry. It is around 13 km, 4-5 hours walking, we made it in 5 hours because we did a break for lunch when we reached the peak. The peak is at 2079 m, so it  sometimes gets difficult to walk up the slope. As I mentioned before, it is very dry, there is almost no vegetation, but the breathtaking vista from the top compensates the effort.

Prado negro

11638848_10206298169807406_1674680759_o11657266_10206288710650933_368137459_n11637924_10206288707250848_1785061026_n 11655207_10206288704090769_1580282542_n11638446_10206288802293224_233851467_o

This is also a long walk, 16 km, but because it is almost flat and the way is very nice you can enjoy it a lot. At the beginning you walk through a forest until you get to a dyke or canal. Then, you have to follow this canal where the path is narrow, you have to walk in line. You will also find a hidden waterfall, which is very refreshing if you do it in summer. In the last picture there is a fountain, built in memory of the saint “Manuel del Molinillo”, a famous quack doctor.


Silla del moro

de Calle Elvira, 1, 18010 Granada, España a La Silla del Moro, 18009 Granada, España – Google Maps


This is a common place to visit in Granada, there is a nice sightseeing of the city. People usually come back the same path, but if you continue up the hill, you will find other superb vista of Sierra Nevada. And instead of returning by the same route, you can try to go down from the other side of the mountain where there is a river, and you´ll end up at the beginning of ” Cuesta del chapiz”. This a very nice walk from where you can see the Alhambra, it´s a very accessible and it may last 2 hours, so if you would like to make it longer you can continue visiting the Albaicin and the Sacromonte.




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