Life of Brian in Granada!

Hi, everyone!

I’m Celia, a 20 year old student currently doing a degree in Bilingual Primary Education.

I’d like to share a project with you which I’m very proud of taking part in. There will be a show taking place in the Library of Andalucía tomorrow: the audio drama of the movie ‘Life of Brian’. It’s very likely that some of you have already seen it as it is a very popular comedy film by the comedy group Monty Phyton. For those of you who don’t know, an audio drama is similar to a theatre play but broadcasted on the radio. This drama format is very common in countries like the United Kingdom where the radio is an advanced media technology. In Spain,  radio dramas used to have a broad audience many years ago before the development of the TV, but this audience has subsided over time. This project, unique in Southern Spain, will bring the tradition back, thus enriching Granada’s cultural leisure.

This adapatation of Life of Brian was produced by Alfonso Latorre and directed by José Antonio Meca. It has received quite a lot of media attention, so I have left some articles and advertisements about the play:

More information will be available in tomorrow’s printed version in the 20 Minutos newspaper.

As a group, we’re excited and willing to provide some hilarious moments for anyone who comes to see us in the library or listen to us in GCF TV or La Voz de Granada.

There will be two sessions; at 18:00 and 20:00. You can get free tickets in the Library of Andalucía, GCF TV and La Voz de Granada.



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